The Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (ABI) is a landscape initiative that serves as the conservation coordination hub of the Overberg region of South Africa. ABI is the meeting place for those involved in, or interested in, conserving this biodiversity hotspot. From private landowners, to government departments, to conservation organisations - ABI serves as their meeting point, where key conservation issues are tackled.

ABI has five tasks, known as the 5c's:

  • To convene interested and affected parties

  • To collate information and data

  • To communicate with all parties

  • To conceptualise projects and initiatives

  • To help raise capital for priority activities

We work with five main themes:

  1. Integrated land-use planning (including controlling invasive alien plants)

  2. Viable nature-based, responsible tourism

  3. Environmental education

  4. Climate change adaptation and mitigation

  5. Energy for sustainable development




The ABI Newsletter is now available. Feb 2014. Read it here




Photographs courtesy of Evan Eifler.


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